Thursday, December 08, 2005

Play Time Over Here is Day One

Yes, now the play time is over and the tournament got under away. It was quite a warm day today, and it will be only worse tomorrow. I got my bearings and decided to find the matches that I wanted to see.

Overall it wasn't a bad day unfortunately Koubek lost to Beck. It was the first time I have seen Beck play and he wasn't crap, though Koubi wasn't in the greatest form, all this means is Koubi will be around at the parties during the week, before he prepares for Davis Cup.

Igor Andreev has a very good game and people will be hearing about him. He got himself injured during the third set, with an upper thigh injury and that restricted his movement, and Patience who I call "Have a little" because of that Guns and Roses song, he took advantage and won. Davydenko should clean him up handily, by the way it was great that he beat the garden gnome munchkin Clement especially after coming back from 2 sets down.

I saw a bit of the Ljubicic match and no I didn't expect tennis, which is exactly what I got. The Croatian fans like to think it's a football game and don't know that much about tennis, but it gave the venue a bit of atmosphere. After Guga's great effort I wouldn't be surprised if Ljubicic takes him out in the next round.

Yes, Ja, Si and yes Gaudio was the winner today and he played very well. Robredo made a few errors and didn't convert his chances, but Gaudio played a very good match, he has to improve on keeping the double faults down against Hrbaty. I saw Gaudio after the match and he joked "why weren't you there for the whole match". Well apart from going for a walk and getting a drink, I came back in the 3rd set and that is the one he had the most problems with Robredo. He wasn't too keen on playing Hrbaty.

The Gonzo/Rawdick match yes what a disappointing result. It's good to see that good eyesight isn't a prerequisite for being a linesperson. Gonzo serving at 5-6 in the 2nd set deuce, he smacks this forehand which I see on normal speed on a television and could tell it was in, was called out. I suppose the ball landing in the middle of the line for a winner in that point is a foreign concept to some people. Hopefully Gonzo sticks around and plays in the doubles.

Saw Roger and Allegro practicing today. Allegro wasn't hitting the ball very well and Roger wasn't much better. He seems in a strange world at the moment, I just hope Mirka doesn't take out the garbage as well as wear the pants in that relationship.

Finally met Björkman girl, she is a very nice and I think she was disappointing in expecting a ridiculously handsome man with a strange accent, and she then met me. I saw her after the Nieminen vs Massu match, which Jarkko won, but it was more to Massu making huge amounts of errors. The guy was too intense, just talking to his coach the whole time and this guy an impostor playing as Massu played and was down 1-6, 0-4 and then the real Massu turned up and won the 2nd set. Jarkko was more consistent and deservedly won.

No, Ilhame (or the MTF poster known as Maratski) I don't have any Safin pics, not easy getting past some of the fans. He is playing Jarkko next and I might get some while he is practicing tomorrow.

Tomorrow is a very busy day for me as I will be out at these matches. Some I will have to hop between them.

Arazi vs Mutis
Costa vs Nandroman (Rusdeski the nandrolone user)
Pavel v Mirnyi
Nalby vs Mello
Corretja v Verkerk
Calleri v C Rochus
Nadal v Tabara
Mantilla v Ascione
Björkman v Sargsian

The people I said first are the ones I am cheering for. I think it could be time to start taking notes, instead of doing this off memory.

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