Thursday, December 08, 2005

Last Day of Qualies

The last day of qualies and I only saw 2 matches Mello winning into the main draw with Sa, Saretta and a couple of other Brazilian guys cheering him on.The other was Misha unfortunately losing to Muller of Luxembourg in the final match. Muller served very well and Misha made plenty of errors on his backhand and was under pressure because of Muller's serving. There are a few injuries around, so there is hope that he might get as in a Lucky Loser but that’s a bit desperate.

Today on the practice courts there were a some guys who practiced twice today. Chela and Costa and one guy I know thinks Chela does look like a monkey in the face, he's definitely not as hairy as an ape. Then later Costa was hitting up with Srichaphan and there were a few people around to see them.

Pavel was hitting up with Nieminen and they were sharing the court with some other guys, then later Pavel was training with Gonzo and they were both timing the ball very well and De La Pena was his usual self. I have to say Gonzo does have a very attractive girlfriend, then again that is the same with most players.

Safin was hitting up with Ljubicic and they were both training very well, and the lack of screaming girls was a wonderful thing. Yes, there was one or two but not as many as there is going to be during the week. I like Safin, though those kinds of fans are very annoying to say the least.Guga was there as well and didn't have the screaming girl factor there, and from what I saw all the players were accommodating to the fans, yes that includes Costa.

One of my friends spoke to Arazi and he told me that Younes was able to practice today and is confident that he will play the Open. He also told us about how life is when a player is injured, it was interesting to hear what he did during his three months off tennis. Koubek was out there slugging away with Oli Rochus, and Escude was on the court beforehand as well. Rounding out the day I saw Kucera, Söderling, Ferrer, Saretta practicing as well at different times.

I have just looked at the schedule of play and I think I will be seeing this matches, though not all of them in full.

Roddick vs Gonzo on the big screen
Safin vs Vahaly, if I can get past all the screaming girls
Younes vs Blanco
Massu vs Nieminen
Hrbaty vs Saretta
Ginepri vs Horna
Patience vs Andreev
Gaudio vs Robredo
These are who I want to win, they probably won't Gonzo, Safin, Nieminen, Hrbaty, Horna, Andreev and Gaudio.

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Choupi said...

Ah yeah, those screaming girls......what a pity!! So hard to bear!! Sometimes I wonder if the player stands any teeny chance to appreciate...