Friday, January 20, 2012

Kavcic is still the man, Nalbandian ripped off, Kukushkin saves tennis and Baghdatis explodes

Two for the price of one in the coverage of the 2nd round here, plus some Fabio Fognini antics as well.

Del Potro vs. Kavcic

This was always going to be a tough match for Blaz, but he fought his heart out as usual and tactically can be proud of his performance.

Blaz Kavcic

At the same time he had some chances as well. With the early break he was *3-1 up Ad served a double fault, got broken in that game. Del Potro with the greater weight of shot wasn't really able to dominate too much as Kavcic was using the slice backhand to bring him off the baseline, not as effective off the forehand side when it's down low.

Getting broken at *5-5 40-15 up with serving 2 doubles to deuce was the true killer in the 2nd set and the missed forehand volley at deuce when del Potro tried to serve it out.

Two sets up, it was just a question of when for del Potro, it was an excellent effort from Kavcic this is all anyone can ask when they play irrespective of the result.

The reality is that Kavcic doesn't have the weapons to beat del Potro. The serve lets him down at vital moments, goes back to the point made earlier about technical weaknesses under most pressure in difficult moments. Blaz had to take nearly all the chances and del Potro to be off for him to win this match up.

Blaz had good support and his feistiness is endearing, good for the kids that he signed a lot of stuff after he lost the match. It's not easy for players to do so, usually they're pissed off when they lose so it's understandable they don't want to sign, but always better when they do.

Almagro vs. Dimitrov

Single handed backhand lovers were drooling over this match and they weren't disappointed. It's so obvious to see Dimitrov is the PMF "Poor Mans Federer", one thing he has copied and improved on is the Federer backhand.

Almagro animated as ever was hititng some booming groundies, the head is still massive but has shrunk down in size with the rest of him.

Was down in the front row and can see how well these guys hit the ball, there were some fun moments in the match, an exchange at the net. Somehow Dimitrov ended up with Almagro's racquet, the match was played in great spirit until Grigor ran out of steam in the 5th set due to cramps and El Cabezon took it 6-0.

Almagro and Dimitrov having a chat
Dimitrov was sigining stuff after he lost as well, but what is the Aus Open without Nico Almagro having a 5 setter.

Lacko vs. Young

Just wanted to see DY's antics and he truly is a mummys boy there aren't any other words to describe it.

Lets see you reach top 40 with a USTA coach from outstide the 100, then you sack the guy and hire mummy again. I think that's a good sign of a mummys boy. Young had the diamond earring happening of course with these pimp headphones, even better was one of his entourage. The guy was massive, he probably did his squat training with cows and resistence stuff by pushing down buildings.

Lacko has been the man from qualies and he was just a class above Young in this match, you'd think DY was the qualifier and not Lacko. Young wasn't able to open up the court enough and Lacko dominated from the baseline.

Got to say DY can moan very well, he missed an easy volley "stop doing that Donald", he thinks he's the Rock talking to himself in the 3rd person with less catchphrases. Mamma trying to help out Young, but he wasn't able to execute it was more Lacko losing concentration in the 3rd.

It was fun cheering for Lacko, while sitting behind the Young camp all part of the fun.

Karlovic vs Berlocq

Carlos Berlocq

Berlocq is mullet and proud, but he deserved to take a set against Karlovic. Big Ivo is never going to be Usain Bolt across the court, but he was able to keep the rallies fairly short which was to his advantage, approaching the net with the short slices on the backhand side and making it too difficult for Berlocq to pass regularly.

Funny stuff Karlo's crew were cheering fairly loudly but not in between point and Berlocq wasn't too thrilled with them, so they had some wods. All good stuff it's about crowd entertainment and they got it.

Isner vs. Nalbandian: Nalle should never have lost this match and as for the umpiring call that cost Nalbandian match. Yes, he should have challenged in a quicker time, but what classifies as in a timely manner? The fact there shouldn't be an overrule unless there is a clear mistake which this wasn't and the time at the match as well, which would have given him the break.

Normally Kader Naouni is one of the better umpires out there, but this will be a huge blight on his career.

Worst part is that Nalbandian has been fined $8000 for being right and nothing has happened to Kader.

Dolgopolov vs. Kamke:

Disappointed I didn't get to see the whole of this match initially, but was able to watch it later and was very impressed with Kamke's performance. He was hitting big throughout the whole match making it very difficult for Dolgopolov.

In the second and third sets Dogs Balls was showing all his mercurial talent and only lost 2 games, that was a brilliant level which was hard to sustain. Kamke was playing top 30 tennis in this match, it's a shame he can't quite get to that level consistently.

Chela vs. Andujar

Went to this match, some would question this choice then again sometimes it’s easier to get a seat there, plus with Chela we know the matches aren’t going to be short.

This match itself played out as to be expected. Chubby Chela playing 2 metres behind the baseline hitting the ball deep to the corners. Whereas Andujar was the more aggressive attempting to hit backhand down the line to expose Chela and move to the net to finish the points off.

Tight first set but Chela was too solid he just doesn't make mistakes and forces the opponents to hit through him which isn't easy on a slow hardcourt. Took a break went to get my free sausages and beer, came back towards the end of the 2nd set. Andujar took an early break, but Chela got tough and broke straight back.

Same in the 3rd set Andujar was pressing trying to create the play and Chela was machine like and wore Andujar down. Chela really is tougher than $2 steak.

Gil vs. Granollers

Of course I have to find out that Granollers had a blister the size of an adult thumb on his big toe after the match, it does explain a bit as to why Marcel wasn't moving so well. Though blisters are something that are part and parcel of a tennis pro and have to deal with them.

Freddy Gil stepped up his game from the 1st round against Dodig. He was able to move Granollers around the court exposing his movement which wasn't its usual self. When he had the chances to be aggressive he took them well and deserved the win, the first ever Portuguese to make the 3rd round of a Slam.

Kukushkin vs. Troicki

Great result for tennis when Troicki loses, he had the fans behind him. Kukushkin was being patient, working the points before trying to hit the winner which was good when a lot of the time he has been known to ballbash without much thought.

Fabio Fognini just not giving a crap in the doubles, the guy in the 7th game gets a code for ball abuse smacking the ball out of the court what a man he is.

To end this second round blog, we have all felt like this at one point in our lives, perhaps he doesn't like the Technofibre racquets.


Marc said...

Nalbandian going crazy over a dumb decision. Baghdatis with the racquet smashes.

Some entertainment for sure too bad Kavcic couldn't push del Potro further.

Martine said...

Thanks for the reports! Great read :)