Monday, January 23, 2012

David Ferrer kicks sand in Richard Gasquet's face

This will be my last Australian Open blog where it gets all sentimental and the like. David Ferrer's performance today is the perfect way to end this particular adventure.

There was some controversy before in the Tomas Berdych vs. Nicolas Almagro match. Berdych refused to shake hands with Almagro after the match and the crowd gave him the booooooooooooooooooooooooooooos, which was deserved in this case.

Personally I don't mind Berdych but he has form for being involved in handshake refusals in fact Safin has done the refusal to both Berdych and Almagro. Why Berdych was in the wrong, it's very simple in any form of tennis when a player is at the net the easiest way to win the point is hit at the body. Reasons are obvious very hard to get a swing at a volley when you're at the net with no room. Not shaking hands is like ban tackling from football, it would take a lot and this was a legit play.

Ferrer vs. Gasquet

David Ferrer the man smokes ( well he has claimed to give them up0, drinks lots of coffee, eats rubbish food and still one of the fittest men on tour, it's not fair.

Today the match was perfect for him, very hot weather where he could use his fitness, strength and relentless will to break down Gasquet who is a strange mix of flashiness and conservatism.

First set was fairly close but could see the pattern developing Ferrer placing his serve well and using his off forehand to get Gasquet on the defensive who decided to take the position of being 10m behind the baseline. Yes, that's the way to play one of the best defensive players on tour.

Once Ferrer took the 1st set, he went up a double break. Through a mix of a loss of concentration and Gasquet deciding to have a go he levels at 4-4. After this Ferrer decided enough of this tripe and wins 8 of the last games to win 6-4 6-4 6-1.

This was comprehensive in so many ways. Ferrer while being smaller was physically fitter, mentally stronger and was playing on the baseline at times stepping inside the court to dictate play.

Gasquet looked dead after the 2nd set. Ferrer has an excellent off forehand but Gasquet for some reason decided not to step in and drive the backhand down the line limiting Ferrer's strength. Sure, he might not have won the match but parking himself 10km behind the baseline on a hot day against Ferrer isn't exactly winning strategy.

He really looked like the kid at the beach who was being toyed with and had sand kicked in his face.

This now brings to the end of the Aus Open, which means there were a lot of people that I was happy to see again, plus the new people I met. Sadly, there were a few I missed for whatever reason, but as long as I am alive then I will be back again.

Shout out to Peta, Rosie, Andrew, my long time mate Sammy, Ariel, Dunko, Kristen, Greken, Santiago, Kavcic, Robert, Johnny, some guys called Marian and Gunther, Peter Luczak honour to follow his career and watch his last match, Miguel Simon, Daniel, Dustin, Lilly, Jack and the people who put up with this rather quirky blog.

Next stop the Burnie Challenger, yes it's not as glamorous but it has its moments. Will try and keep this thing more active during the year, well already reached the 2010 level.


Martine said...

Why doesn't this surprise me about Berdych...

AO must have been lots of fun for you with all the people you met up with!

Denys said...

Thanks for all the reports, great to read them seems not as much love as before, but they are appreciated.

Choupi said...

Every good thing has an end. Always sad to leave the place but you said you'd come back anyway!

You had a blast for sure and thanks for sharing with us here.

Hope the huge icecream was yummy...

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the input, mate. It´s highly appreciated.


moonballing to the BH said...

He should have kept some to throw in Nole's face too...:(
Glad you had a great time and yes, I read them all even if the lack of Corretja pics somehow diminish the reading pleasure :D

Renato said...

Thank you for all the write-ups. Agree with your view on the Berdych case, an overreaction because as much as Almagro can be annoying with his in-your-face style, the body shot was totally legit.

Marc said...

Fun reports definitely catering to a specific taste, which is a great thing.

Perhaps next year more photos and nice to see Corretja was around the venue.

cobalt60 said...

Appreciate the effort you put in to keep the updates! Thanks for all the write ups! Should have had you given a shut out to Kristen this year but seems there will be a next year;)