Monday, October 27, 2008

Last Chance Saloon in Bercy


Here it is the last TMS event of the year in Bercy, which used to suffer from chronic withdrawals, but this hasn’t been as bad as in previous years. This is possibly due to the finals being reduced to the best of 3 sets, the changing of the surface from carpet to an indoor hardcourt, but the most important thing is that there is a financial reward for competing in all of the TMS events.

Gasquet has withdrawn from this event, this isn’t a surprise and probably a wise move, no point going through the motions especially in front of the French crowd, who don’t need any reason to boo. Time to fuck off for the year and come back next year, as for Richie, well the boulevard of broken dreams and shattered potential is a busy one, not saying he has prime real estate on that street yet.

Federer and Davydenko have been rumoured to be withdrawing from this event, though the financial incentive might be enough to prevent this.

This event pretty much is Last Chance Saloon to get a gig at the TMC, luckily Federer, Nadal, Murray, Djokovic and Davydenko don’t have to worry about this, so that leaves players like Ferrer who not surprisingly hasn’t been playing as well as last year. Roddick who will probably sneak in, the TMC wouldn’t be any poorer for his absence, except that Federer wouldn’t have the chance to extend his head to head record against him.

Del Potro has been the form player along with Murray in the second part of the season, it would be good personally if he made Shanghai, but looking ahead to the Davis Cup, it might be beneficial, if he didn’t go to Shanghai.

As for what will happen, probably a strange finalist, but as long as Simple Simon doesn’t make Shanghai, then all good.

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Denys said...

Seppi was awful against Cilic, he has a big problem with the second serves, plus the fact Luzzi died as well, wouldn't have helped his disposition.