Monday, October 27, 2008

Federico Luzzi dies of leukemia

Federico Luzzi dies of leukemia

In some very sad news Italian player Federico Luzzi died at the age of 28 on Saturday night. Luzzi thought he had bronchitis, but when the doctors did tests on him, he had a very advanced form of leukemia, which could not be treated and he died after playing his last match in Sardinia 6 days ago.

Luzzi was definitely a character, he did things his own way. He was suspended for betting on matches, by the ATP, these weren’t significant amounts of money, it was over a sustained period of time, where the ATP was all smoke and mirrors. In other words making out like they were trying to do something about the gambling problem, but the reality is they weren’t.

Then there was the fight he and Daniel Koellerer had at a Challenger after the match. Both of these guys were fairly feisty on court and would express themselves and sometimes wind up the opponent, but that is professional sport. Unlike many others, they continued it after the match, then both of them were suspended.

Luzzi mostly played on the Challenger circuit, but played a few times on the main tour. He played against Gaston Gaudio in Buenos Aires in an entertaining match and he was appreciated by the crowd on and off the court for his interview after the match.

28 years old is too young to leave the world and hopefully his best friend Potito Starace can remain strong in these difficult times. It’s important for the family and friends of Luzzi to remember the positive moments and memories of his life, and that he isn’t in any pain.

RIP and condolences to the family and friends.


Choupi said...

It's definitely been a shock for me when I read about the terrible news. I wish his family an d friends a lot of courage to go though those dreadfull times.


Denys said...

This was definitely a shock and they had the funeral for him. Many players were there and acted as pallbearers for their friend.

Just means that we have to enjoy every day as much as you can, because death doesn't knock on your door, when your time is up, that's it.