Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Australian Open Day 2: Better late than never

Dutra Silva vs. Donaldson

Dutra Silva what a fighter, couldn't hit a ball in the court for the first 2 sets but just dug in & kept fighting so hard. Donaldson has a good game but he tweaked something, the longer it went the more Dutra Silva got into the match was able to dominate the rallies.

He had the momentum & almost relinquished it after a timeout from Donaldson. He served out the match strongly, great reaction at the end with him hugging Larri Passos who coached him for years and the bond is still strong.

Giraldo vs. Edmund

Santi Giraldo couldn't handle the conditions, love the guy but he has some amazingly poor footwork. Edmund is an Andreev light. Edmund doesn't defend that well but he didn't need to in this match. Giraldo's second serve was almost in the Nieminen class.

Fognini vs. Lopez

The Fog vs. LaLo this was the match for who can spend more time in the mirror. Both started slowly but have to say The Fog played very well. Maybe Davin told him less strutting, he even behaved quite well. Yes, he did call LaLo a lucky son of a bitch when he made a tough shot.

Generally was very quiet though after the match the Fog had his strut. Always good to see Feli Lopez aka LaLo losing early. The Fog has been working with a psychologist, has lost a few kgs and meant to be a father, let’s see how long the serene Fognini lasts.

Karlovic vs. Zeballos

This match was all about the last set. Yes, there were two busters and two sets where each man broke once to take it. They were small letdowns and were taken advantage of.

Zeballos only had one break chance in the 5th but couldn’t take it. Karlo can’t return a phone call and generally only made returns at 40-0 down. Zeballos just couldn’t get onto the Karlovic serve.
For the man who has a weaker serve, serving 2nd in the final set is a disadvantage. The court was so packed but winning 22-20 wouldn't happen at the US Open, advantage sets rare great, yes that’s what I wrote.

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