Sunday, January 18, 2015

Australian Open Bring it On

Yes, it’s that time of the year when this rather strange blog decides to get more active. Sure, there should have been some stuff written about the qualies but due to a lack of technology and some laziness it will be a review leading into the main draw.

Bitching about draws is as useful as trying to milk a bull. Though in the case of the players I like if they make it to the 3rd round then that’s like winning the event. There are a few long movies that we’ve seen again that are getting a sequel. Two examples of this are South Tyrol’s finest Andreas Seppi playing Denis Istomin. They’ve met four times in Slams and they have split the victories with every match going 5 sets. It’s natural that this match is out in the car park, more than likely go 5 sets and the one that I’ll be starting my main draw watching.

Kavčič vs. Duckworth

Another example of a match between lower ranked players that continues to come up at the Slams is the one between Blaž "Dexter" Kavčič and James "Ducky" Duckworth. They've played twice at Roland Garros where Kavčič won easily the first time before losing in the qualifiers in 3 sets last year where he was underdone because of a recurring issue with his foot that prevented him from building any momentum. Ducky has improved all round since then while his game might not be on easy on the eye at times. He has an excellent work ethic and decided to play on clay instead chasing the much easier points on the Asian Challenger circuit.

Kavčič on the drip after beating Ducky in Melbourne

Kavčič trained well in the off season had an excellent Doha qualifying before Tomas Berdych smoked him which he did to everyone bar David Ferrer. If it's windy it will help Kavčič, the key for him to win is how well he negates Duckworth's serve. If Kavčič makes enough returns in good positions and gets the balance right between attack and defence then he has excellent prospects. The defensive skills of Kavčič are unquestionable but barring injuries then he needs to be more aggressive from the baseline which he has shown in the last year on hardcourts. It's something that had to be done to take the game forward.

Both these matches occurred at the 2013 Aus Open, for those who like history here are the match reports for that day. Definitely want the same winners just not the same condfitions Seppi and Kavčič beat the heat

Millman vs. Leo Mayer

An interesting match up here though I wish the Mailman got someone like Go Soeda or Luke Saville, but we can't what we want in life all the time. Last year was excellent for both men in the progress they made. Leo Mayer who has had back issues throughout his career but was able to remain healthy for most of 2014 finished with a career high season end ranking plus an ATP 500 title in Hamburg. Big Leo or the Aligator uses his big serve, forehand combo to win matches. His backhand isn't totally shit but he isn't known for his defensive skills, it's a good time for Millman to catch Mayer.

Millman played fantastically well against Federer but didn't get the desired result. In spite of this he has shown what level he is capable of playing at and with a season fully fit he is clearly a consostent top 100 player. The shoulder is holding up very well and he is one of the most positive people within the tennis world. Aligator some big shots. Millman needs to hold his ground on the baseline when he can as the default position isn't always the best 3 to 4m behind the baseline, in a similar vein to Kavčič he has to get more aggressive overall and is hitting his forehand with more power these days. Getting that first Grand Slam win is always a big moment, if Millman plays to his potential then it will happen on Monday. It would be fantastic for the tournament if the Mailman delivered a win in his home Slam.

Ruseell as he qualifies

These three matches are ones that I will definitely be attending but the others that hopefully I will attend are with the youngster Michael Russell playing the winner of the ATP comeback award David Goffin. For Russell this could be his final year on the tour. The equation in his case is finish 2015 inside the top 100 then he will play again, if he fails to do so when he will retire. Yes, he is used to the conditions and Goffin has to make his hay at the start of the season as he has nothing to defend until middle of the year.

Dreddy Brown and Grigor Dimitrov is definitely a clash with plenty of hair and also a bit of flair. Would love to see Brown serve lights out and eliminate Dimitrov from the event as I could imagine Roger Rasheed's face would be so expressive. The ladies will like this match as well since there are a few who quite like Brown and the poor mans Federer though as suave as both men are they are not in the class of Radek Štěpánek who unfortunately couldn't play due to a back injury.

Dreddy Brown the charmer

The will he or won't he play Lukas Rosol has been sighted in Melbourne and is playing the French Karlovic de Schepper. One of the few matches where Rosol will be the shorter guy. It remains to be seen as to how much work Rosol has done aince his girlfriend just gave birth recently. Playing the Aus Open makes sense now since nappies and children are not cheap to raise.

Monaco and Bolelli is another one for the ladies as well. At the same time lots of Aussies tomorrow Kyrgios, The Kokk, the Dolph Lundgren lookalike Sam Groth. Pantera Charly Berlocq playing against Gasquet on Court 20 though it would be nice if Nadal was put out there once.

As to who I think will win the event I want someone new that isn't Nishikori so it will be a Nishikori vs. Nadal final just to troll me.

On that note as a great group of philosophers once said.

Hey you, don't watch that
Watch this!
This is the heavy heavy monster sound
The nuttiest sound around
So if you've come in off the street
And you're beginning to feel the heat
Well listen buster
You better start to move your feet
To the rockinest, rock-steady beat
Of madness
One step beyond!

Let's get ready to rumble.


Andy said...

Great read mate, enjoyable as always. Loved the Dreddy pic haha. Seppi and Istomin in the carpark, that was NID. Hope to see rookie American Mick Russell pull off the upset. Mailman delivering a first GS win will be a great way to kick off the tournament.

Denys said...

New layout very smooth and yes loved it as always informative and entertaining.

Seems like too many matches on tomorrow that he wants to see.

Michelle said...

Great read - always enjoy the vicarious AO tennis experience you provide :)