Saturday, January 18, 2014

Round 3 : Stephane Robert doing it for the battlers

Doing the entries now by round now as my time is coming to an end. The main story here is that Stephane Robert has been truly a Lucky Loser, though no luck in how he has played to make the 4th round.

Fognini - Querrey

The Fog started slowly was moaning for the first few games like the baby who didn't get his milk. Big Querrey served for the first set and the Fog broke back, once he was able to confirm the break of serve he settled down and the antics started to die down.

Fognini wins 4 games in a row to take the first set and he was strutting around like he owned the court. The last two sets the Fog played some brilliant tennis and probably his best match on a hardcourt. He was running everything down and hitting big forehand winners. As well as the winners he was able to get to and expose the poor Querrey backhand for what it is.

Fog roaring into the fourth round

After he won the Fog was loving life with that look like the cat who got the cream. He was showing more flair than Ric Flair and the after match interview with Fognini English which is colourful like him. He said what he wanted to say and not necessarily the question being asked.

Robert - Klizan

Stephane Robert and Martin Klizan two lucky losers playing for a spot in the 4th round. Robert at least tried in his final qualifying match whereas Klizan tanked it up to a level that Tomic would be proud of.

Robert got the early break and Klizan really showed why he is the poor mans Melzer in this match. After hitting a good serve, he'd miss a very easy shot or try some silly drop volley which Robert was able to handle this easily. Robert while he played well in the 1st set, it wasn't that good for him to bagel Klizan.

Klizan finally holds serve in the 2nd set as both guys manage to hold all the way through to the tie breaker. Robert was the better player during the set as he had more chances in Klizan's game than vice versa was able to move Klizan around while making less mistakes.


Robert got the tiebreaker and kept continuing on the same way with some passing shots, good winners and Klizan either hitting a winner or an error. Klizan has never been known to be the hardest competitor and he was hanging onto his serve whereas Robert was breezing through this.

At *5-3 the Frenchman served out the match, yes there were a few little stumbles but Robert believed in himself and finally got the win. This is a huge moment for the 33 year old battler, the last 16 of a Grand Slam, good ranking points which can make the schedule easier during the year and some cash. He is a very likable individual and one for the battlers here.

Bautista Agut - Paire

Bautigol continued on from his previous good form. Paire was clutching at his knee and if it was that bad he couldn't play he should have retired from the match. Good that he played it out, but he was truly rubbish out there to be honest.

Bautigol hitting the ball deep and to the corners, giving the ball more loop on his forehand than usual so he could get back into the points. Paire's whole game was poor not sure how much of the Kyrgios match took out of him, then with Paire isn't not like he is the most dedicated to fitness or mentally strongest around.


With a fourth round spot on the line getting closer against an opponent who looked like he was tanking. Bautista struggled to serve out the match, failed on his first attempt to do so, then Paire held his serve. Bautista managed to get through the nerves and after a double fault which almost cleared the baseline, he was deservedly through to the last 16.

Bautigol has had a great start to the year, it's a question of how far he can rise in the rankings. His rise won't be limited to a lack of work ethic.

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