Monday, July 11, 2011

Davis Cup Quater Finals, Play off Review, Canada comes back from 0-2

Davis Cup QF and Playoffs

There weren't any magical Davis Cup results this weekend either in the World Group or playoffs. This was the time where the top players who don't give a shit about Davis Cup (Djokovic can be excused this time) turn up so they can get their Olympic qualifications for next year.

Sweden vs. Serbia

Ever since Robin Söderling withdrew from the tie any chance the Swedes had of winning the tie went out the window. Djokovic was included just to cover any moves by the Swedes, though Thomas Enqvist isn't that smart to pull something like this enough. Lindell isn't up to Davis Cup level yet, especially on indoor surfaces and Vinciguerra was on the way out.

Aspelin/Lindstedt won the doubles which was the best they could've hoped for not to lose 5-0. Very comfortable weekend for the Serbians, though Ryderstedt did as well as he could in singles. The Serbs had fun partying in Halmstad and Båstad, now they will play at home for the semis vs. Argentina.

Argentina vs. Kazakhstan

Russia A couldn't win in Argentina, let alone Russia B. Cool and heavy conditions on clay against a team where Golubev has been on a run of 14 straight losses in fact his last win was over Berdych in the 1st round of Davis Cup.

Hope Russia B enjoyed the fine women and steaks of Buenos Aires. Argentine fans are happy, cause at least this is one team that could win unlike their footballers at the moment.

USA vs. Spain

Spain showed their superior player depth in addition to the fact the surface wasn't as quick as they'd have liked and the bounce was too high. LaLo who is having an excellent year his work with Berasategui has produced some solid form, yes he is still a burro but got give him pops for the improvement. He was able to carry his Wimbledon form and fried the Fish in the 1st tie. Ferrer the warrior too solid for Roddick.

Bryan Bozos got the US on the board as per usual. Ferrer stepped up to the plate closed the deal against Fishy. Sure Mardy has a lot of weight, moves a whole better than he did, but the technical deficiencies of the forehand are still there when he plays the better players who can expose him on that side

Germany vs. France

This tie was set up from the first match where Flo Mayer was up 2 sets to 0, but had some issues with cramping or maybe a muscle strain which allowed Gasquet to come back taking the match. Once Gasquet took the lead, then the French continued their dominance over Germany in Davis Cup play, but they aren't getting it done vs. Spain.


Switzerland vs. Portugal

Federer should learn from Söderling if he doesn't want to do the Davis Cup thing. Söderling played the first tie and Sweden preserve their World Group status, but it's the same old stuff with him. He says he wants to win Davis Cup, but got to play the event before he can win it.

Rarely they played in the Swiss German part of the country, normally they play in Romandie. Bern is a pleasant place and indoors they were never losing this at all.

Portugal with Gil and Machado love Davis Cup, and Machado played above his level against Federer. Winning a set against Federer indoors for a guy who has played 3 indoor matches before the weekend was excellent, but Fed was just cruising through this.

Italy vs. Slovenia

Seppi was out for Italy, and there was a small chance for Slovenia to win this, but this was lost after day 1 when the chances were on offer that these weren't taken. It's not easy to win in Italy, but not mission impossible.

Žemlja took the first set against the Fog 6-1 with good aggressive play, which is how he has to play as his defensive skills are average at best, and this came back to haunt him. The Fog started to play better, but Žemlja started making too many mistakes and being defensive which is not the way he plays at his best, as his poor footwork get exposed which the Fog did.

This meant Kavčič had to step it up over Starace. Blaž started well, hitting good length and not letting Starace into the match. Then Kavčič dropped the level, got a bit passive and Starace took advantage serving better especially on the ad side. He was using the kicker to the backhand pushing Kavčič further back into the court, dominated the rallies and worked his excellent dropshot to full effect.

With Starace was playing well, the DC captain didn't offer any solutions at all. Kavčič needed to stand closer to the baseline on ad side, as Starace jumped to left on the kick serve, return the ball down the line taking advantage of the positioning. Forcing Starace to vary it up and taking away his drop shot.

Ecuador vs. Canada

canada were down 0-2 losing their best player Raonic to hip surgery before the tie didn't help them. It was good to see Vasek Pospisil and Phil Bester able to turn around their first day losses to seal the comeback win for Canada, would be good if they could make World Group, though that isn't happening with Raonic.

Too bad many of the top players believe they are bigger than the sport.


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