Sunday, May 23, 2010

Roland Garros : Dreams are Free

In reality this should not be a very long entry. So here we go the arse picking, muscular Spaniard Rafael Nadal will get back his Roland Garros title overcoming the huge odds and defeating all in front of him easily in addition to battling career threatening injury which is always around the corner, what a warrior.

As for the rest of the field, well Luczak got fucked hard with the draw getting Federer in the 1st round. King Oscar is playing Hanescu, the regal figure hasn't been the same in 2010. Gulbis and Verdasco let some mini hype begin, but they will just be fodder eventually.

Yuri Schukin got the great draw of Rajeev Rampras too bad this one won't have TV coverage. Tursunov is making a comeback and DGT got the draw, would hope Daniel is good enough to take advantage of this situation.

Will there be a story like Söderling this year, well Inter Milan won the Champions League, so anything is possible though in this case not likely.

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Disquieting Muse said...

1997 and 2004, those were the days.