Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Important News Update

Important News Update

Yes, there haven't been any updates for a while, but that's partly due to laziness and a lack of interest, which happens now and then, but fortunately I have a few things that will deserve some individual attention, whereas this entry is just a general summary.

The Argentines have decided to appoint Modesto Vasquez as Davis Cup captain, which is totally against the wishes of the players, but this is not a surprise considering the AAT (Argentine Federation) aren't exactly competent. Martin Jaite should have been appointed, he actually has the respect of the players and can even keep the peace between del Potro and Nalbandian, which will be interesting to see what happens comes the 2nd round of the Davis Cup.

Hopefully at the AO, I will be able to get some interviews, but one can dream about these things, yes I will be writing reports from the event and they will start from qualies and this will lead into my next point.

This is something I shouldn't have to say, but will anyway. If anyone at all wants to use my reports elsewhere please ask for my permission, it won't take long and if approved then credit the source. The reason for this last comment was something that I discovered on Tennistalk in relation to an interview Gaudio gave to an Argentine newspaper. I had translated the article into English and all of a sudden this basically word for word translation appeared on their site as if it was written by another journalist, the issue is not the translation itself. In other words it was plagarism and very shoddy journalism, not crediting the original source in this case Ole Clarin. The offending article was taken down, but it should have never got published in the first place, so if there is anything you want to use, then ask me directly.

It's very basic and simple journalist practices to follow these rules, it also helps solidify reputations of the publication, if they don't take cheap shortcuts and invent quotes that weren't there in the original translation.

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N.M. said...

Can't wait for the AO reports ;))) As for TT, you know my detailed opinion.

Now to these who will be reading the comment and will try to defend; I am a journalist who was robbed off her texts more than 3 times and not given a single $ for the time and effort put in creating a piece of intellectual work. Sometimes not even asked or credited. While someone else took money for it.

Low scum, can't be called otherwise.